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Letters to My Abusers

Letters to My Abusers - A Survivor's Project

I encourage anyone who is willing to get involved in this wonderfully empowering project for survivors. It's a way of taking our lives back one letter at a time, one step at a time. In a way it's like we're confronting those who've hurt us in the most powerful way. Please read this excerpt below from Stephanie Gagos, she's a great advocate and author for survivors of rape, secual abuse and domestic violence. You can contact her about this project through her web site at" http://www.letterstomyabusers.com

"I am inviting those of you who feel you may benefit, to take another step in your healing. For some of you this is just a stepping stone in the process, for others it just might be the first step you take in healing your childhood wounds. (Either way, I urge you to gather support for your journey if you decide to participate) Most of you will never send these letters and the truth is they are not for your abusers, they are really for you. They will allow you put words to your pain and your determination to survive.

Selected letters will be edited and published in a book called, Letters to My Abusers: What I Couldn’t Say Then. We hope that both men and women will participate and we are open to accepting letters from teens with parental permission. As of now it is an unpaid assignment but you will receive a contributor’s copy. Part of the proceeds will go to organizations that help survivors of sexual abuse." ~Stephanie Gagos (author)

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