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The Survivor Digest - February 2007 Edition - Needs Submissions

The Survivor Digest Zine is looking for new February submissions!

(NOTE: We have recieved so much poetry these past couple of months that we are not currently looking for any poetry submissions until after February)

What is The Survivor Digest?

The Survivor Digest is a quarterly Zine (magazine) for survivors of rape, sexual abuse & domestic violence as well as for inspirational stories regarding other survivor-related topics which includes columns, stories, poetry, creative writing, original artwork, campaigns and resources for survivors by survivors. Participants interested are able to send in their materials via e-mail to the digest for consideration in an upcoming issue. A new digest will be released every 3 months for sale online via the 'Voices of Strength' web site.

Our newest edition will be released FEBRUARY 15TH, 2007
Deadline for submitting material - January 31st, 2007

(here's a cover from the last edition)

IPB Image

What kind of material can I submit?

Any of the following items are up for consideration in the up and coming survivor digests.

Columns/Articles, Artwork, Poetry, Creative Writing, Survivor Stories, Campaigns, Photography, Resources, Inspirational Stories, Quotes, Graphic Art, Foundation Information, Organization News, Awareness Information, Letters to VOS.

How do I submit my Material?

Please send all materials to Haullie Free with the below information included. If you are sending picture attachments please make sure they are clear and un-sized so that they are big enough to re-size. If you are sending file attachments please make sure they are not already formatted.

Send your...

Name (the name you wish to go by in the digest)
E-Mail Address
Material (as listed above)

to the following e-mail:

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